How were all my emotions triggered? Part 2

It’s crystal clear to me, because it’s still with me. It was thanks to a person that (I) loved a great deal: my grandfather. At New Year’s Eve 2003, a few days before he died, he looked at me and, without speaking, he told me with his eyes: «Asier, I reckon that you’re not going to see me later than today and tomorrow”. Never before could I understand a visual message with so much clarity.

I was going home the following day and I bid him farewell. Two days after Twelfth Night, while I was at work, I was given the news. I haven’t seen him ever since, but now I feel his presence every day.

After that, time stood still – I felt like I was outside looking in. I was unable to continue writing. I realized that something indescribable, but higher than me, was telling me that I was not alone, that I did not have to complain so much about life, and that I must give more of myself. It was going to be hard, but I had to enjoy life as much as I could, because it is such an amazing gift.

I remembered the conversation I had with my grandfather before the last New Year’s dinner. Two key sentences came to my mind: «in vino veritas» and “time is money». He loved wine. He never drank anything other than water and wine. And the wine always in moderation. Maybe that’s why he could ride a bike until his very last days?, I wondered.

And that’s what I have discovered ever since that day.

At his 95 years of age, he enjoyed the little glass of wine I saved for him from those that for me were the best wines. Although he never told me explicitly, I sensed that for him, wine was the only alcoholic drink that was able to bring the best out in everyone and to make a heart tell the truth. And that’s the image of wine which remains with me to this day:: wine will make humankind eventually come together. It allows us to discover the best in ourselves.

That’s why I believe that we must always look for time where apparently there is none, to take advantage of this hard life and drink a toast to humankind. With a great wine. Which one? We shall continue tasting until we find the one  with which  to best express our heart and feelings.

Thank you grandfather, with all my heart.


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