Forget the ‘credit crunch’ – onwards and upwards, we can handle it!

Believe me, there are those who would mislead us with negative messages. The fact that there’s a recession is one thing, it’s quite another that every form of media spends the entire goddamn day rubbing us up the wrong way with negative messages.As Einstein said, ‘we are what we think we are and in the end reality is what we invent in our minds.’ So, be very careful what you wish for.
Today has shown me a reality that in the past I haven’t been capable of taking in. I often ask myself why human beings have so many ups and downs? Why am I happy one day and don’t know what to do with myself the next? The thing is, there are days that no matter how hard I try, nothing turns out the way I want it to. Conclusion? In short, I’ve discovered that when this happens to me there is almost always a common denominator: a block caused by some kind of fear. Unbelievable, I’ll say to myself. If, when I’m excited about something everything turns out better, why do I forget that? Some days I forget to appreciate everything we have and to turn to the magic of ‘excitement’, the magic of perfecting our masterpiece like Michelangelo did with ‘David’. Some days I forget the magic that comes from remembering life is short and that to better ourselves we shouldn’t hurt or cheat others, nor ourselves for that matter. The days that I do remember recharge my batteries for the following day.
It’s contagious, so we end up recharging the batteries of the world and everybody in it. Now I see clearly that the results depend on the faith we have in them and in ourselves, plus the number of attempts we make at remembering all of this. But above all, what counts is excitement. How have I managed to build on my excitement? By realising that life is a gift of incalculable value. Moreover, I ask myself, how long do I have left? What do I know? And here comes the most important bit; I don’t know, nobody does! So, if we don’t know, how can there be so many sad, tired and angry people loosing the will to live, half asleep at their desks every day?
We’ve all had days like that, we’re only human but we can put things right.
Some people are always running around and when I ask them where they’re going in such a hurry they say they don’t know but they’re in a rush. Can you believe, that without a shadow of a doubt, they don’t know? Yet, they all say, ‘you can’t begin to imagine how stressed I am at the minute’. I can sympathise, because it’s happened to me too. But does it make any sense to run around and not know where you’re going? So the question to ask ourselves is, what on earth are we doing wrong? The answer is tricky but I have discovered that almost always what has happened is that we weren’t listening to our hearts. In order to listen to your heart what’s the first thing you have to do? Love it and ask it what’s really going on. Are you happy with what you do and/or how you do it, do you accept yourself as you are? Our response should be YES. If we think about how short life is it changes our whole perspective on things. Life is a gift to be lived to the limit. With vines exactly the same thing happens. They live practically as long as we do and have sad days and happier days. As in the case of human beings, growth and maturity should be slow processes with a clear knowledge of where we want to end up. Thanks to all the winegrowers who know how to listen to and understand our vines.


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