Elegance is knowing how to choose.

Today I received a lovely message from a good friend. It has made me rethink the technical article that I was in the middle of writing and I’ve decided that I would prefer to talk about something even more important: elegance, which is what my friends represent for me.

So, what is this ‘elegance’ that we talk about and admire so much as human beings? Well, it comes from the verb to ‘elect or choose’ and in etymological terms the Latin eligere meaning to select. ‘Elegance’ contains the Indo-European root leg-, which is the root of words such as gather and recover (from recolligere), collect or pick (from colligere) and even read (from legere). The latter can also be found in the word ‘intelligence’ (from intellegere) and can mean any of the following: to select the best alternative, read between the lines, discuss, analyse, deliberate and give a verdict.
For this reason, I have always thought that choosing correctly is a very intelligent act and above all, elegant. In all reality, we choose almost everything in life. The word elegance comes from the Latin elegantia and the adjective ‘elegant’ from the verb eligere meaning to select. In which case, we can deduce that elegant people are those who know how to choose well.
We have to be elegant and choose our friends. On occasion, when the topic comes up I tell my friends that they are all better than me. I still have lots to learn from them. That’s why I’m proud of them and I enjoy their company and friendship. One of the characteristics that they possess is that they have hearts, hearts of gold. As far as wine is concerned the same thing applies: I look for those with integrity, essence, a well-defined character, refinement and a mix of strength and subtlety but above all ‘soul’. I think our selections should go from good to better and we should let each bottle make us better people. Although, this doesn’t mean that our current favourite has to be more expensive than the last or any of the previous ones. Basically, we have to try, collect, choose, read and think a great deal as well as being honest with ourselves before making a selection. Wine is not just for drinking but also for living. In order to live it, we have to study it in-depth. That’s the best way to enjoy it. It’s often said that he who loves a person most is he who knows them best.
Text translated by Lesley Armstrong.


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