Is an extrem variant of organic agriculture, which is based on the teachings and anthroposophical theories of the Austrian Rudolph Steiner, developed in the 1920´s. In viticulture, the French Nicholas Joly enjoys worldwide recognition for having systematised the practices in his book ‘Le vin, du Ciel à la Terre». His principles indicate how to produce without lessening the potential of the earth and that of the cosmos to regenerate, by respecting the rhythms of nature and, above all, without harming the nutritional and qualitative properties of the wines. In fact, it is just a return to the past in which the earth -the soil- needs to be considered as a living entity and its biodiversity has to be respected and tended for. The presence of microorganisms should be encouraged by addition of matter rich in humus. Soluble mineral fertilizers are to be avoided for they favour the development of diseases and pests in vines. Preventive techniques are promoved as a defensive strategy against them, namely the application of biodynamic preparations. The latter are substances obtained by dilution and dynamization of natural elements (following methods silmilar to those of homeopathy) which are incorporated to the soil along with the compost (fermenting organic manure) or are sprayed onto the plants themselves.


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